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Our Technology Architecture


Our Technology Platforms

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Patient Mobile App

Use our Patient Mobile App to:

  1. View account status and account history

  2. Search of participating healthcare providers,

  3. Search clinic profile view and directions to find them

  4. Manafge linked healthcare providers to personal Account

  5. View medical history

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Corporate Information Portal

Contact us and get access to our Corporate Informtion Portal for:

  1. Registration for participation in the scheme

  2. Comprehensive search on member details and medical history

  3. Request authorization from patient to access medical data

  4. Document the patient treatment (Diagnosis, Procedures, Medication)

  5. Create and submit the patient bill to the TPA.

  6. View the payment status of generated bills

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Our Processes

Member Process


Complete enrolment and issue approval notification

Member Card Issuance

Members’ medical cards printed and distributed accordingly

Medical Treatment

Use MyKad, register & obtain treatment

Bill Sign-off

ign-off clinic bill & obtain medication

Clinic Process

Patient Registration

Confirm the patient visit

Patient Treatment

Treat the patient and issue medication

Bill Sign-off

Issue and obtain bill sign off after treatment

Claim Submission

Clinic submits bills and treatment details for payment

Payment Processing

Clinic receive payments from e-MAS via bank accounts

Claim Process

Claim Submission

Clinic submits bill with treatment details

Claim Validation

e-MAS validates details and claim amounts

Claim Approval

Auto or manual claim Approval

Invoice Submission

Submit batch invoicing for payment

Payment Issuance

Issue Payment to e-MAS

Provider Payment

e-MAS to remit payments to respective medical providers

Cost Containment



Daily Visits Limit


Max Limit/Visit


Pharmacy Mngmt


Cost containment is our forte but without reducing employee’s eligibility & benefits. As the current fee payment is by “fee for service” there is a tendency to perform more procedures and surgical operations. We encourage conservative treatment as often patient would recover after appropriate physiotherapy or other treatment.

Chronic metabolic disease can be monitored to reduce complications and better cure can be achieved and this will also reduce much expenses. These complications cause the patient high morbidity and mortality as well whilst treatment of these complications are also extremely expensive.

There is a high incidence of billing errors and these are reduced efficiently by our claims team and the accompanying doctors. The inflation rate in healthcare for Malaysia is about 13% - 15% making it the second highest in the Asia Pacific region. Therefore, billing audit needs more attention.

Many cases can be treated as Out-patient or Daycare but are admitted and this is very expensive driving the costs of healthcare and it’s inflation higher. Some patients are admitted because they do not have out-patient benefits so they choose to be admitted for treatment to pass on the bills to the insurer not realising the expenses are much higher.


Eximius Medical Administration
Solutions Sdn Bhd (e-MAS)
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